Hydrostor Terra™ is a low-cost Advanced Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage (A-CAES) technology that can provide peaking capacity and a flexible generation alternative via a carbon-free process.

AECOM in partnership with Hydrostor Inc. offer an A-CAES technology, which provides emission-free peaking capacity and other services in the long-duration segment of the energy storage market.  AECOM and Hydrostor seek to accelerate deployment of one of the lowest cost, bulk-energy storage technologies available.

Hydrostor, Inc. has developed a proprietary A-CAES technology that leverages the hydrostatic pressure naturally created by water at depth. Hydrostor Terra™ is one of the cleanest, most economical long-duration energy storage solutions available today. Combining the purpose-built, isobaric underground air accumulator with the A-CAES land based equipment, Hydrostor Terra™ provides grid operators, power generators, and large electricity consumers the flexibility to manage excess generation, repurpose aging thermal generating assets, provide clean energy on-demand, and increase grid reliability. Applications for the Hydrostor Terra™ include:

• Fossil-fuel-free peaking capacity and flexible generation
• Bulk storage up to 100’s of MW, 4 hour to multiple-day duration
• Repurpose aging fossil-fuel power plants
• Ancillary grid services located exactly where needed
• Emission free A-CAES can be installed in dense urban areas where fossil fuel plants are not allowed
• Increased distributed renewable generation with energy storage resource
• Renewable power on demand
• Lower electricity rates through replacement of diesel generation
• Load shifting to reduce transmission and distribution system congestion
• Capitalize on electricity price volatility